Wedding Venues Singapore

Villa Halia, one of the best wedding venues in Singapore to host a cosy dinner reception

One of the perks of being a wedding videographer is constantly getting exposure to great venues that you will otherwise be unlikely to stumble upon by yourself.  By our definition of “great”,  the venue must be able to offer the following perks:

Romantic Interior & Exterior – Not solely for impressing your guests.  Don’t forget your photographer and videographer who is rolling constantly throughout your event.  You would like all your shots to be picture perfect even without posing deliberately for them.  And yes, you cannot go wrong if you had picked a venue with charming interior decorations.  Exterior setting needs to be just as beautiful so you can take advantage of them for additional photographer or videographer shots.

Cosy & Comfortable – Let’s be practical about this.  Singapore is both hot and humid, nobody enjoys getting themselves soaked in their own perspirations  especially when they are dressed in their best.  Therefore, your location must be equipped with good air-conditioning systems, we would recommend the industrial air-conditioning system because they guarantee the venue to be nice and cool.  Do not be shy or awkward about this, ask the floor manager how many sets of air-conditioning they have within the venue.

Exclusive to the invitees only – To make sure your guests feel special and privileged, your wedding venue needs to be away from the public or main crowd.  Just imagine going to a ticketed concert with exclusivity to ticket holders.  Your wedding is a private event and the public crowd should not be able to catch a glimpse of the happenings or enjoy the String Quartet or Magic performance that you have engaged specially for the night to entertain your guests.

Minimal Pillars in the venue – Yes we are aware that a building needs its pillar as foundation.  But hey, have you considered your guests need to mingle and socialise around too.  In addition to that, minimal pillars help ensure your photographer and videographer do not missed out on any special moments during the night just because they are blocked by the huge pillars placed at regular intervals from each other.

Audio Video Projection – This is often a blindspot for most couples planning for their wedding venues. You would assume that your wedding venue should be well-equipped with the basic audio / video consoles, wrong!  Most wedding venues are not designed primarily for wedding banquets, so you’ll need to ensure there is good audio-video equipment available on the banquet night.  You don’t want your guests to be watching the childhood montage of you and your hubby that you have painstakingly put together with a fabulous soundtrack to be screened without sound or with poor projection.  As you know, there is only 1 screening of each video montage and you must make the extra effort to ensure the best out of the screening!

So why do we feel that Villa Halia is one of the best wedding venues in Singapore to host a dinner reception?

Villa Halia is located in Botanic Garden, away from the main road.  It is also surrounded by nature and lush greeneries with the capacity to host a cosy wedding up to 80 guests.  And yes, because of the restaurant layout with minimal pillars to block your view, you will be able to mingle with all your guests as much as you like!  Villa Halia easily fulfills 4 out of 5 of the mentioned criteria above.