Music Copyrights Licensing

With effect from 1 January 2012, Music Publishers (Singapore) Ltd (“MPS”) has appointed RIPS to provide administrative support in respect of the collection of licence applications, licence fees and issuance of licence certificates for MPS’ Reproduction of Lyrics & Musical Works for Wedding Videography/Photo Montage Licence.
~ source: Recording Industry Performance of Singapore

Green Imagination is fully licensed by RIPS for:

Qns: What does it mean for you?

Ans: All wedding video works produced by Green Imagination are licensed to showcase at any public venues in Singapore!

Qns: “We have not heard of this regulation before, can we ignore this?”

Ans: No, in fact, you should insist to see the RIPS license before you proceed with any videography companies.   It is illegal to play video works at public venues without RIPS license.

Qns: “Okay sounds serious, anywhere to verify this claim?”

Ans: Visit Recording Industry Performance of Singapore website for more information.