Top 5 reasons to hire a birthday party videographer

We are the happy people from G.I Studio and we enjoy creating wonderful moments for you.  In addition to wedding videography and photography, we are just as excited to be engaged for covering your Birthday Party !

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a G.I Videographer for your birthday party:

  1. You will miss precious candid moments  – Because hosting your child’s birthday party means you are the host and will be involved in all the big and small issues such as ensuring the guests are feeling comfortable, the catering is on time, the balloons and ribbons are nicely decorated…you get the idea.  Getting a G.I Videographer means you get to rewind and revisit the birthday event through the lens of a professional.
  2. Leave the filming to the pros – Not everybody with an expensive DSLR Camera is familiar with capturing good angles or special moment of the celebration.  Having a dedicated and seasoned videographer solves all your problem.
  3. Leave the editing to the pros – You do not need to fret over getting someone else to piece up your video raw footages and making good sense out of them because the happy people at G.I Studio loves doing that!
  4. Apart from good video skills, we are also trained to crack tasteful jokes – We gladly blend with the crowd and laugh along at jokes just like your guests whilst making sure special candid moments are still captured.
  5. Sharing is caring – Posting great videos on your social media is the current way to care and share for those who have missed out on the birthday party!