Romance by the beach

childhood montage is a collection of the couple’s memories, featuring the couple’s growing up years as well as various key milestones in their lives and relationship through photographs – to be shown during their wedding banquet to all their guests, as well as to show appreciation to their family and close friends.

In May 2015, we produced a childhood montage for Jim & Connie!

We decided to up the usual childhood montage concept up a notch, by getting the couple to print their photographs (who prints photographs nowadays?!) and to lay them out around sandcastles against one of the most scenic backdrops in Singapore – East Coast Park Beach!

It was an extremely fun day in the sun and we thank Jim & Connie for being such great sports, it was indeed a joy working with them. We look forward to their wedding banquet in November where we will also be providing them with wedding videography coverage for their Gatecrashing, Solemnization, and many others!

But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy their childhood montage!