Outdoor at Botanical Gardens

Gatecrashing is definitely one of our favorite parts of a wedding – the groom having to go through a series of death defying obstacles and being tortured by the most ferocious of sisters in order to claim his bride! Thankfully, the groom also has his band of brothers to rely on.

Ian and his army of brothers charged through lip stick kisses, heart shaped hair removers, eyeliner, push-ups, unconventional facials, banana eating, girls generation dance choreography, swan poses, a hole in Ian’s wallet, and finally puzzle pieces, before he could claim his bride. Kudos to you for that, Ian.

And of course, she was his missing piece in the puzzle.

The couple then headed off to Botanical Gardens Singapore for their outdoor photo-shoot where the brothers and sisters were finally on the same side.

The happy people at Green Imagination were extremely privileged to have been able to provide our wedding videography services to Ian and Vanessa to document their big day for them to look back on in years to come. (with children we hope!)

We would like to thank the couple for being such great sports and for giving us stomachaches from all the fun and laughter.