Getting the right entourage

Identifying your wedding entourage members can be a daunting task.  Some of us have way too many great friends, on the other hand some have few.   Apart from ensuring the chosen friends are comfortable with their responsibilities, they are also expected to assist you on the nitty gritty details on your actual day.  The happy people at Green Imagination have seen great moments when brothers came to the Groom’s rescue during gatecrashing‘s most challenged moments as well as united sisters giving creative ideas and almost impossible tasks to the Groom and his band of brothers.

And here is our very own checklist to decide if your friend is a true wedding entourage material:

  • They don’t discourage you on your wedding day
  • They don’t abandon you when you decide to do an exceptionally lengthy outdoor photography and videography shoot in the afternoon.
  • They help you solve logistic problems. 
  • They stick around.
  • They communicate effectively.
  • They give what they can because they truly care. 
  • They are truly happy for you.

This wedding highlight showcases one of the many examples of great friends who would go that extra mile to ensure your wedding day stays right!