Faith Methodist Church

Church weddings are vastly different yet incredibly beautiful and romantic in their own way, but that doesn’t mean the groom and his brothers will be spared from the torture and wrath of the bride’s sisters.

Syringes of unknown concoctions, questions the groom would have no way of knowing the answers to, and of course yoga poses that make for great photographic memories got Ivan and his brothers all energized on an early Saturday morning.

And after all that exercise, they must have been hungry. The thoughtful sisters prepared some noodles for the brothers’ breakfast, though they had to eat it with toothpicks and combs and only before having to limbo under smelly socks and feed “milk” to their “baby” brother.

Nevertheless, we’re sure Cheng Sim was worth all that, right Ivan?

The happy people at Green Imagination wish Ivan and Cheng Sim many happy years of blissful marriage and no shortage of descendants!