Wedding Videographer Tips!

You have done your due diligence of crawling through the cyberspace and read every single 888 threads that is on wedding forums.  You were also told you can be a wedding videography curator if you continue at this rate but you still feel unsettled somehow.

Let us put a full stop to that with our very own top 5-Ps wedding videographer tips specially prepared for you:

  1. Professional – Focus on the primary objective and takes good care of all other secondary issues just as well!
  2. Punctuality – Observe timeliness such as arriving 15 ~ 30 minutes before event starts regardless of traffic conditions.
  3. Patience – You only see positive gestures and hear words of encouragement regardless of repetitive shot requests.
  4. Personality – Approachable, open to ideas, friendly and has a bag full of jokes to ease the tension on your actual day.
  5. Pleasant – The happiest day of your life deserves to be completed with a good experience working with videographers.

Wedding Videography Singapore:

Green Imagination is a multimedia studio specialising in the art of wedding videography and photography in Singapore. We are also the happy people who enjoy capturing wonderful moments on your wedding day and ensures that every delivery is a guaranteed highlight at your wedding event – every project is handled with ultimate care and exclusivity, with an aim to bring out the individuality and raw emotions of each couple along with their loved ones.

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